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using an eternal monitor with the Q2N

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:30 pm
by faruge
Hey there.

I was curious to know if anyone has used an external monitor with the Q2N to allow one to see what the back of the camera is seeing? I imagine this is what the HDMI port is for.

Also, has anyone had any success in using their smart phone as a monitor.



Re: using an eternal monitor with the Q2N

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:11 pm
by Jim_Fogle
Hello Farug,

You've asked some interesting questions. However, this post may get more views and responses by making a post in the "All other Zoom Gear and Zoom Talk" section here: viewforum.php?f=18&sid=d8432ec3fec4bbd3cffbe110446936ea.

I'm most familiar with cellphones that use the Android operating system. I have not seen any cellphone that accepts external video input. Even my digital camera does not accept video through the hdmi port. Every device I've seen with a hdmi port will let you use the port to export video but not receive video.