MRS1608 -Help- Keep getting a "FULL" message when recording.

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new to this board
new to this board
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MRS1608 -Help- Keep getting a "FULL" message when recording.

Post by smokin' » Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:21 pm

Hello everyone. I am having some trouble with my 1608. I have been recording the vocals for a new song of mine. I am recording on tracks 13/14. Everything was going fine until I reached measure 61, and now I always get a "FULL 17" message. I also get a "FULL" message if I try and either move or copy anything beyond measure 61 on tracks 13/14. Has anyone ever ran into this before. I have no idea what can be causing this. Thanks for any help.
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The Force
The Force
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Re: MRS1608 -Help- Keep getting a "FULL" message when recording.

Post by voclizr » Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:17 pm

Hi smokin', and welcome aboard!! :D
Sorry to tell you, but you're in the wrong part of the forum, buddy. :oops:
This section is for New Songs written and recorded by forum members to be reviewed by other members for feedback. You want to re-post your question (or request admin to move it) to the MRS section.

Hoping you'll enjoy this board and will eventually trust us enough to post a song here yourself.

BTW-Try running the Scandisk Repair utility on your 1608. That might solve your error problem. ;)

:D ;)
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