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Keep the drum fill at the end....?

Yeah, sounds like Ringo...
Nah, sounds pretty lame.....
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Post by Omegaman » Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:48 pm

NOt sure I like the vocal effect, makes them less intelligible (not unintelligent ;-) ) I like the little elec guitar riffs thrown in here and there, nice surprise.

I would like it to sound more green though. tomas said brown, I said green, maybe earthy, but not warm, maybe thick, beefy, chunky, but not warm. :lol:
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Post by storpotaten » Sat Apr 21, 2007 3:50 pm

Quite late on this one... but I couldn't miss a Steve song, they're too rare.

There's a lot of good things in this song, so I start with the few not so positive points.

The piano sucks. That's the worst point, it will only get better from here. You should try to get Jeffster to do some real piano for this one instead. It might break his silence.

I could be wrong, but I think you have a tendency to pick too high keys for your songs. Your voice sounds great, even in the higher end, but you try to push it even further. You don't deserv that. Make it simple, transpose it down a few tones. Just a friendly reminder.

The delay on the vocals is really good but also very revealing. Any other noise will be heard as much. So it's brave.

The simplicity of this song is also brave and a lot harder than it sounds (which is a sign of professionalism, isn't it?). I especially like when you let just the slow drums and slow bass serve as a platform for the vocals, which then get to fill out the room completely. Sounds great!

And then that electric guitar. I just love it. I have the feeling I have heard that sound before, but can't remember where. Excellent sound, excellently played. Could be heard more.

The chord progression is deceiving - just when I think I have it, you break the pattern. I love that. And the bridge sits perfectly. And we get it a second time, also good.

The lyrics - simple but not stupid.

Mix - somehow not pro sounding, but so much better than It Didn't (my favourite, which was already good). The acoustic is slightly too sharp, there is a lack of bass (where do you hide it?) and perhaps a little too much reverb all over. But a different sound, one you don't hear often in this forum, which is always a plus.

To conclude, I really like it. Replace the piano and it's a hit. You should do one of these a week. You could do one of these a week.

Post more, Steve. We deserve it.
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Post by petedeuxwheels » Sun Apr 22, 2007 1:01 am

Gave this another whirl this morning end up the day's little listening round.

No, this not Ringo, or George, or any of them but I think it's closest to McCartney's vocal style with a dollop of Lennon (and his early 1970s piano :lol: ) thrown in.

Still seems a bit high, I think it's because I associate soulful songs like this with a lower lind of baritone key, but a good song all round :wink:

Bravo again

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Post by nicka » Sun Apr 22, 2007 6:25 am

Being honest as i am with all my reviews i'm not too keen on the reverb on the drums and also the echo on the vox which i think takes away a lot from this song.
The keys sound fine as does the nice lead guitar parts coming in here and there but i think you have covered up a well performed song underneath it all.
I would like to hear this with all the effects stripped with just light reverb and compresion added where needed but this is all just my oppinion and performance wise i can hear it all well done underneath what i am hearing.

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