G3n & G3nx Editing: Clarifying the UI

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G3n & G3nx Editing: Clarifying the UI

Post by stubbsonic » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:01 pm

Editing on the G3n(x) can be a little confusing. The manual is right, but not especially clear. There's also some printing on the unit itself that is misleading. I think I figured it all out, and I'll explain it all here.

On the G3n(x), right next to the push-knob it says "Push Edit/Effect". Little arrows around EDIT & EFFECT imply that you toggle between effect and edit. This is just wrong. I'll explain how editing really works, and describe the function of the push knob in the different modes.

There are two different types of editing on the G3n(x).

First, there is editing of the chain (adding, deleting or moving FX modules within the chain), and editing of the preset (name, saving, etc.)-- let's call these tasks "MENU EDITS". In MENU MODE, turning the wheel moves your selection horizontally across the screen, or changes a value up/down. Pressing the push-knob enters the selection.

The second kind of editing involves changing FX module types and adjusting FX parameter settings, let's call these: "STOMP EDITS".

The lower right MODE switch toggles between MEMORY MODE and STOMP MODE. This switch also EXITS from MENU operations. The lower left & center buttons scroll you through groups of three presets in MEMORY MODE, and scroll the active module windows in STOMP MODE.

This is where you view three presets at a time, scroll through sets of presets, three-at-a-time, and can select one of them using FS1, FS2, FS3. In MEMORY MODE, when you turn the knob, it adjusts Master Level, and when press the push-knob, it changes the display of the active preset to show a portion of the module chain. While the display is in that "chain view", you can turn the push-knob to scroll the display left or right to see the entire chain of modules that are in this preset's FX chain. That's all it does. Display only. No editing. Press the push-knob again, and you're back to the display of the current preset name. This function is handy when you are going quickly through presets and you just want to see a quick overview of what's in the preset's chain while you are still in MEMORY MODE.

Important truth: You can't do STOMP EDITS from MEMORY MODE. However, you can press the MENU button for "MENU EDITS".

While in MEMORY MODE, turning the knob adjusts the Master Level, pressing the knob toggles between a display of the module chain of the currently active preset or back to the name display. Neither of which has anything to do with editing.

This is where you are seeing the three adjacent screens of your FX chain. What is unclear from the manual or the UI is that STOMP MODE IS STOMP EDIT mode. When you are in STOMP MODE, all controls are active: FS1, FS2, FS3 are on/off for the displayed modules, and the sets of four parameter knobs, and *type buttons are all active. [NOTE: type buttons under the 2nd screen of 2-screen modules have no function].

In STOMP MODE, turning the push-knob adjusts Master Level (the same as with MEMORY MODE). Pressing the push-knob toggles the displays between the module NAMES and module PARAMETERS/VALUES. The NAMES display shows the module names in a longer font, and the PARAMETERS/VALUES display shows parameters labels and setting values. However, even when you are in NAMES view, when you adjust a parameter knob, it will temporarily switch the display to PARAMETERS/VALUES so you can see what you are doing, then after a period of inactivity, the display will switch back to NAMES. The G3n(x) will remember your most recent view setting (NAMES or PARAMETERS/VALUES) next time you enter STOMP MODE.

Important truth: STOMP MODE is STOMP EDIT MODE, and along with MENU EDITS, that's all the editing there is.

So, in STOMP MODE, turning the push-knob adjusts the Master Level, pressing it toggles between viewing the module names, or the parameters & values. Because with either view you are still in edit mode, pressing the button has no effect on your ability to edit.

Note: After adjusting settings in STOMP MODE, you may want to execute a SAVE operation from the MENU screen.

As you can see, the "EDIT EFFECT" printing near the push-knob is confusing and wrong. Now that we've cleared that up, is this the most logical approach for the UI (user interface) of the G3n? I guess it is pretty logical. The biggest improvement they could make is just changing what is printed by that push-knob. What should it say instead? Drum roll.....

TURN: Master Level / Select
PRESS: Toggle Display / Enter

I hope this post makes sense and helped you.
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Re: G3n & G3nx Editing: Clarifying the UI

Post by Jim_Fogle » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:05 pm


Very nice post. I'm sure the post will be helpful to both new and existing G3n users.

Thank you for sharing this with the community.
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Re: G3n & G3nx Editing: Clarifying the UI

Post by stubbsonic » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:50 am

Writing that helped me to get my head around the unit, and hopefully reading it will help others. It doesn't take much to send a user down a rabbit hole. That "EDIT <---> EFFECT" label sure did for me.

I might adapt my MS-100BT module spreadsheet to match the G3n(x). The G3n currently has room for all the add-ons from the desktop software. The G3n module collection is a subset of the modules available for the MS-100BT. Stay tuned.
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